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Student Comments
Parent Comments

 Nina is a wonderful teacher. I have been a student with her for over 2 years and she has always been attentive to my work and questions. She diligently makes sure that I have an accurate understanding of concepts, explaining them from the ground up. My work is never left unchecked and she ensures that my methodology is consistent with what my exam board expects of me.

(Theodore Sukonkin-Khoroshilov, A-level)

"Thank you for helping me with my math grades. During the lessons my abilities gradually increased as I kept learning from my mistakes. Your patience helped me stop being scared of not being able to answer the question, thus gave me more confidence and made me enjoy learning maths. The method of going over past exam papers was very useful as the more we completed the more I understood the predictability of the exam questions and improved my confidence for the test. I highly recommend Nina to teach other students."

Nastia, A-level


«I just wanted to say a big thank you to Nina an excellent tutor in Maths! I really couldn't praise her enough! She's such a pleasant, genuinely nice young woman with amazing teaching skills who made Maths manageable for my boy.

My son is doing great with Nina and actually enjoying Maths. I honestly could recommend her highly enough & she was such a positive influence on my son. Thanks very much!»   (Zeynal, Fox school)

«Нина Владимировна является нашим преподавателем уже 4 год . Занимается с двумя девочками 6 и 3 лет . Дети с восторгом ожидают ее прихода , что указывает на то что все занятия которые она проводит приносят им не только пользу но и удовольствие . Подход к каждому ребёнку индивидуальный . Эффективность занятий и результат ее труда заметен практически сразу . Ещё она очень весёлая и красивая. Рекомендовать не будем, а то самим не хватит» (Maria, “Pembridge Hall School”)

"A true professional with passion for teaching.

Gives strong knowledge and confidence, even to a “weak” student. Could never imagine my daughter spending extra time doing maths on her own!"

Couldn’t recommend Nina more.

I am very pleased with the progress of my both girls.

Marina Simmons ( two daughters, GSCE level, one has a mild dyslexia, another passed Math GSCE with the highest mark after one year tutoring)

Nina worked with me after I had failed my Exams in Physics and Math at Queen Mary University of London (first year). I am very praised of her help because I was able to pass all exams from the first trial at autumn. She has very deep knowledge of subject and can explain by very simple and understandable way.  

 ( Carla Rachel Boré, student, Queens Mary University) 

A memorable teacher gets to know how their students learn best and adapts to maximise engagement "

( Maria Baranova, year 8, Latymer Upper School, needed some help with Physics)

" I have got 93 for my final math exam. There we goooo! Its a highers mark at my course and I am in a Kings College University now"


( Ivan, Russian student, used to study at foundation course, relocated from Russia)

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