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                                MEET     NINA


A positive and proactive educational consultant, mentor and tutor, with deep subject knowledge and a passion for learning and academia. Specialising in preparation students for top independent and grammar schools, GCSEs, A-Level exams and Universities. Has experience in journalism, counselling and physiology that help  to find the key for any child to unlock their full potential and achieve great results. 


Research and several academic publication in atomistic modeling, isolation of radioactive waste components and  pyrochlore systems


Member of British Institute of Physics 

Author of Mathematic Educational Programs










Nina started tutoring my daughter as a part of preparation for 11+ exam 7 months prior to sitting her first exam. With limited time to prepare, in addition to demanding after-school activities, we needed a very focused and tailored approach.

Nina’s approach to explaining complex and new concepts yet not taught by her state primary school was very effective. Access to vast amount of material, provided by Nina, as a source of homework allowed her to practice not only past 11+ papers, but also focus on areas where she particularly struggled with helping her to improve through practice. This approach allowed her to gain knowledge, confidence and perform well during the exam resulting in invitation to seven interviews and offers from top academic schools.

This successful approach helped us to receive an offer from Godolphin & Latymer which was my daughter’s top choice. I can’t recommend Nina highly enough for her professionalism, personalised approach and ability to create a safe, caring and supportive environment. While expectations were set high by Nina, my daughter was supported and encouraged to reach her goals.

Nuria (2021, Fox school, London)

  • KS3,

  • 11+

  • GCSE




  • ACT

  • SAT

  • ISEB 

"From a young age, I always wanted to be a teacher. Growing up with a grandfather, who was a secondary school headmaster and Maths teacher, provided many valuable insights into teaching and instilled in me a genuine and solemn appreciation of the profession. In my first year at university, I was nominated to help students with their difficulties in Maths and Physics.  During my previous career, I have always found time to undertake part-time teaching or tutoring. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than work with the next generation of engineers, researchers and mathematicians, in the knowledge that the understanding I help them to acquire develop will carry on into the future after I am gone. " NINA


«I just wanted to say a big thank you to Nina an excellent tutor in Maths! I really couldn't praise her enough! She's such a pleasant, genuinely nice young woman with amazing teaching skills who made Maths manageable for my boy.

My son is doing great with Nina and actually enjoying Maths. I honestly could recommend her highly enough & she was such a positive influence on my son. Thanks very much!»   (Zeynal, Fox school)

"Nina is a wonderful teacher. I have been a student with her for over 2 years and she has always been attentive to my work and questions. She diligently makes sure that I have an accurate understanding of concepts, explaining them from the ground up. My work is never left unchecked and she ensures that my methodology is consistent with what my exam board expects of me."

Student A-level, Theodore Sukonkin-Khoroshilov

"A true professional with passion for teaching.
Gives strong knowledge and confidence, even to a “weak” student. Could never imagine my daughter spending extra time doing maths on her own!
Couldn’t recommend Nina more.
I am very pleased with the progress of my both girls."

(Marina, parent UK)

"Nina worked with me after I had failed my Exams in Physics and Math at Queen Mary University of London (first year). I am very praised her help because after I was able to pass all exams from the first trial at autumn. She has very deep knowledge of subject and can explain it  very simple and clear. "

 (Carla Rachel Boré, student)

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